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After 12 years of experience in the racing industry, Andy Durham opened his own shop in March 2014 in his 600 square foot garage after serving as the Dirt Late Model Program Manager for Roush Yates Engines in Mooresville, NC from 2009-2014. After 3 months, business began to boom. So much so that it necessitated moving to larger quarters in June 2014.


Durham Racing Engines, Inc. (DRE) headquarters is located in Trinity, NC. The shop features a separate engine building, tear down, and parts storage area. Approx. 2000 square feet consists of machines used in day to day operations including but not limited to Mills, Welder and Honing equipment.


A separate Dyno room houses a DTS Dyno with the latest Super Flow Upgrades completed in February 2016. Two water reservoirs each hold approx. 1,000 gallons of water. Each run on the Dyno receives fresh in lieu of recycled water to avoid rust and bacteria from entering the fresh build. After only two years of opening, DRE earned Engine Builder of the Year award for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series in 2015.


Other highlights in 2015 include a 2nd place finish for Scott Bloomquist in Lucas Oil and Josh
Richards finished 2nd in the World of Outlaw Series. Terry Phillips sealed the Championship for the 2015 MLRA series. Chub Frank, otherwise known as Chubzilla, finished 5 th in his 2015 season with the World of Outlaws. There are many clients that held top 10 finishes for the 2014 and 2015 season.


DRE also builds for Brian Deegan, the dominator of the off-road trucking world. Brian clenched the off-road Championship in 2014. Unfortunately, he was out quite a bit of 2015 due to an injury and surgery. DRE is going “down under” with Australian Champion and newly crowned West Australian Champion

Kodee Brown in 2016. Also working with Ierace Automotive in Perth, Australia to bring custom DRE performance to the Australian market. The 2016 season in the States has started out more successful than hoped. Richards finished with 7 wins and $82,800 during the Super Late Model Speed weeks. Another epic year in the works…Live to Race.

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